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Swimming Pools

Our hotel offers two swimming pools, the first one is the biggest, it is a quite wide swimming pool and his form is completely free, this swimming pool is destined for adults and children who can always swim very well and under the supervision of their parents, the second one is a small swimming pool only for children. We offer you chairs around the same ones as well as service of towels for your serviceability.

Fill out the wedding information questionnaire that will include:

Complete name and last name

Passport number


Birth date and place of birth



Residence address

Parents’ information

And two witnesses

After the ceremony, you will receive a marriage statement copy sent to the Costa Rican Civil Registry, once all documents have been submitted to the Costa Rican Civil Registry (the governmental institution which records the marriages in Costa Rica) the lawyer will summit a final certification to your Embassy for Consular Authentication. Original documents (official marriage certificate) will be sending to you as soon they are ready.

The marriage in Costa Rica is recognized in the USA and Canada and it is considered legal internationally.